Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interactive Scrapbook Pages - Wheel of photos

This page is different from the one below - can you see why?

There is a wheel behind the page that turns - this allows an additional 8 photos on the page.
Can you see it now?
I hope to be teaching some classes on this technique soon.  Will keep you posted so you can learn a fun and simple way to get lots of pictures on a page that is fun for the viewer as well!

Interactive Scrapbook pages - Pages that Pop! Literally

Interactive Scrapbook Pages are fun and easy to do.  This is just one example.  These photos are behind the Darth Vader Mask.  

Here is what is behind Anakins Picture (top Right of photo)

I will be teaching how to do this very fun technique soon and will keep you posted as to where and when. A great way to get more than a couple pictures on the page - plus a Popping way to get some fun for the viewer!