Friday, April 20, 2012

Pictures from the classes I took

Here are some pictures of the layouts from the classes.  I have to say that we only completed the pages in Queen and Company's class.  Everything from the other classes was started but finished at home.  I think the instructors need to be more realistic in what can be accomplished in an hour long class.  Click on the pictures to see the full layout.

From the color design class.
From the color design class - have to say I do not like the background
 paper used - will change it out later thanks to doing everything with
 repositionable adhesive.
And Here it is:
From Kitchen Supply class - the lace is actually paper doilies
 cut and or dyed.
From the Kitchen Supply class - flowers are paper cupcake
Queen and Co class - all done in class - way to go instructor!
I would have loved to have purchased their other kits but at $20 - $30
 each that was a bit too high.  I did get plenty of supplies however
 and will try to recreate some of the pages I saw at a later time.
Lickety Split Disney Mania class - the only thing that got finished
 in this class was putting the castle together.  I added the black
 lines later at home as well as finished the layout.
Lickety Split Disney Mania Class - the only thing done here
 in class was that we were told to be sure and line the plaid
 sheets up before cutting them.
Keller Creations Travel Class.  We did not make a single page
 although the class boasted that 12 pages would be completed
 in the class.  Did learn a lot of great techniques for double
 layout pages and cutting circle photos and adhering vellum
 so that was good.

I did the rest of the pages that were supposed to be with a
 white background with yellow instead.  I think they came out
 way better - the reds are much richer.

 These next ones are the pages with a black background.
All the thin circles are supposed to have pictures behind 
them eventually.

 I have to say that even though we did not do the pages in 
class, we did get the materials to complete 12 pages which 
gave a lot of pages for the cost. Unfortunately, several of the 
pieces needed were not included but I was able to use pieces 
I already had to finish the layouts.  The instructions for these 
pages were the absolute most unclear instructions I have 
ever seen.  I took the class and knew the terminology (stackers, 
spacers, etc.) and I still had trouble figuring things out.  Even 
though I had colored pictures of the layouts to follow the 
instructions did not help and neither did the lack of several 
items needed.

The last class that I took was making a mini recipe book.  Since 
I plan to make a 12 x 12 book I will be readjusting the pages 
from this class to 12 x 12.  When they are done I will post them.  
I did learn a lot of techniques in this class and will do my best to 
describe them when I post the pictures.

My favorite class overall was the Queen and Co Magic class as
 we finished the pages as described.  My next favorite was the
 recipe book class because I learned the most new techniques 
from that.  Looking forward to taking more classes next year.
Happy Scrapbooking!