Monday, November 21, 2011

Star Wars - List of Books, Comics in a quasi Timeline

I started reading the Star Wars novels back in the 70's when the movie was first coming out. (And yes I waited in one of those really long lines to see it)  Over the years I have read most of them.  Recently I discovered that several books had been added in between the ones I had already read years ago when they were first published.  In the process of going back to "catch up" as it were I realized I had missed a lot.  Not to mention I have never been a big fan of the clone wars or old republic novels so I know the list is incomplete to some extent for that time period.  I am also aware of a new set of Dark Horse comics that are several hundred years in the future from New Hope - they are not on this list at all.  However, in trying to make sense of what I had recently read I found out there is no comprehensive list of books/youth books/comics anywhere on the net.  This is not to say that this list will be that either - especially since more books and comics are being published as I type.

The comics I have included are ones that I know further the story along.  I tried my best to put them in a proper order and if the stories run concurrent I have indicated it.  With the help of the Star Wars The New Essential Chronology I was able to pin down some of the stories to a more precise date.  I am currently in the process of rereading the books from the first movie up until Crosscurrent makes sense to me.  As of this post I am up to the Shadows of Mindor.  However, I have recently acquired some of the Dark Horse Omnibus Series as well as the Rebel Force series so will pause in the reading until caught up with those.

In the meantime, there are more books and comics out there than are on this list.  If you know where they should go, comment and I will update accordingly.

Here is my legend for the list:
Bold: Those I have not read. Until I read them I am basing their placement on how they are listed in the most current list published – usually found in the front of most books and the backs of the comics.
*means e-novella
Italics: Comic books mostly Dark Horse but some Marvel.

for dating purposes BNH means the time period before the movie Star Wars: A New Hope
If I know when a new book is coming out (mostly because it is on my wish list) I have indicated the date. 

(Old Republic – 5000 years - 33 years BNH)
Lost Tribe of the Sith series*:  This entire series is available for free on Kindle.
(Note on the Lost Tribe Series - this sets the stage for the current Fate of the Jedi Series of books.)

The Golden Age of the Sith – 5000BNH
The Fall of the Sith Empire – 5000 BNH
Knights of the Old Republic – 4000 BNH
The Freedom Nadd Uprising – 3998 BNH
Dark lords of the Sith:The Sith War 3997 BNH

The Old Republic Series:
            Fatal Alliance

Red Harvest

Lost Tribe of the Sith*: This entire series is available for free on Kindle.

Knight Errant

Darth Bane series:
            Path of Destruction – 1000 BNH
            Rule of Two
            Dynasty of Evil

Darth Plagueis (releases 1-10-2012)

(Rise of the Empire – 33 years to 0 years BNH)
            Darth Maul: Saboteur* – 32.5 BNH
            Cloak of Deception
            Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter – 32 BNH

Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace 32 BNH
Rogue Planet 29 BNH

Jedi Quest Series:
        Path to Truth
            The Way of the Apprentice
            The Trail of the Jedi
            The Dangerous Games
            The Master of Disguise
            The School of Fear
            The Shadow Trap
            The Moment of Truth
            The Changing of the Guard
            The False Peace
            The Final Showdown

Outbound Flight 27 BNH
The Approaching Storm 24 BNH

Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones 22BNH

The Clone Wars 22BNH

The Clone Wars: Wild Space 22 BNH
The Clone Wars: No Prisoners 22BNH

Clone Wars Gambit Series:

Republic Commando Series:
            Hard Contact
            Triple Zero
            True Colors
            Order 66 – I have not read this yet but suspect it runs concurrent with Revenge of the Sith

Shatterpoint – 20BNH
The Cestus Deception
The Hive*
MedStar I: Battle Surgeons
MedStar II: Jedi Healer
Jedi Secrets 19.5 BNH (note: Also relates events that happened in 40-36 BNH)
Jedi Trial
Yoda:Dark Rendezvous 19.49 BNH
Labyrinth of Evil

Star Wars Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith 19BNH

Darth Vader and the Lost Command (right after Padame’s death)

Coruscant Nights series:
            Jedi Twilight
            Street of Shadows
            Patterns of Force

Imperial Commando

Last of the Jedi Series:19-0 BNH
            Last One Standing
            Desperate Mission
            Dark Warning
            Death on Naboo
            Tangled Web
            Return of the Dark Side
            Secret Weapon
            Against the Empire
            Matter of Deception

The Han Solo Trilogy: (this is concurrent with The Adventures of Lando Calrissian)
            The Paradise Snare 10.5 BNH
            The Hutt Gambit
            Rebel Dawn

The Adventures of Lando Calrissian
The Han Solo Adventures (This is after Han wins the Millennium Falcon) 2.5-0 BNH
The Force Unleashed
The Force Unleashed II
Shadow Games (releases 11-29-2011)
Classic Star Wars: Han Solo at Stars’ End
Death Troopers

Dark Force Series:
            Soldier for the Empire
            Rebel Agent
            Jedi Knight

Star Wars Empire Volume 1 – Betrayal

Star Wars Empire Volume 2 – Darklighter (this is the story of Biggs from his start in the Imperial Academy to his death against the Death Star – runs prior to and concurrent with Star Wars A New Hope.)
Marvel Comics Star Wars Omnibus A Long Time Ago Volume 1 (These are The Star Wars comics # 1-27 that Marvel produced in the 1970′s)

Star Wars Episode 4 – A New Hope year 0 (also known as: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker)

Death Star (Runs concurrent with New Hope from just after Leia is captured to destruction of the Death Star)

Star Wars Journal – The Fight for Justice (this is Luke Skywalker’s journal of the events in A New Hope)

Marvel Comics Star Wars Omnibus Along Time Ago Volume 2 (These are the Star Wars Comics # 28-49)  Comics #28-38 Take you up to The Empire Strikes Back) (What makes this group interesting is they were done before it was made known that Lucas was going to do a second film, which means there are several references to Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader being 2 separate and distinct persons.)

Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina – this runs concurrent with New Hope from just prior to the Cantina events and up to the escape of the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Empire Vol 3 – The Imperial Perspective (This covers the time a few days before  the destruction of the Death Star and goes into what happened to Darth Vader after his ship spun out of control)

Star Wars Rebel Force Series (This is right after the Emperor is informed that the Death Star   has been destroyed – covers the first assassination attempts on Luke Skywalker)

Star Wars Adventures: Vader’s Quest – 0-6months BNH
Star Wars Empire Volume 4 – The Heart of the Rebellion
Star Wars Empire Volume 5 – Allies and Adversaries
Star Wars Empire Volume 6 – In the Shadows of Their Fathers
Star Wars Empire Volume 7 – Wrong Side of the War
Star Wars Rebellion Volume 1- My Brother, My Enemy
Star Wars Rebellion Volume 2 – The Ahakista Gambit
Star Wars Rebellion Volume 3 – Small Victories

Allegiance – Fully introduces Mara Jade to the Adult Novels
Choices of One
Galaxies: Ruins of Dantooine
Splinter of the Mind’s Eye – year 2

Star Wars Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back – year 3

Star Wars Adventures: Luke & the Treasure of the Dragonsnake (a very humorous tale that runs concurrent with Luke’s training by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.)

Marvel Comics: Star Wars A Long Time Ago Omnibus Volume 2 ( This book contains comics #28-49, however #39 is their version of Empire Strikes Back and 40-49 cover events between Empire and Jedi Returns.)

Tales of the Bounty Hunters (this has several short stories that run concurrent with The Empire Strikes Back from the point the bounty hunters are hired by Darth Vader to find the Rebels.  However, the story “The Last One Standing” covers 3 years prior to New Hope to 15 years after Jabba’s Death in The Empire Strikes Back.  The Last One Standing features Bobba Fett and Han Solo.)

Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear Series:
            Eaten Alive
            City of the Dead
            Planet Plague
            Nightmare Machine
            Ghost of the Jedi
            Army of Terror
            Brain Spiders
            The Swarm
            Domesday Ship
            The Hunger

Shadows of the Empire - year 3.5
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Star Wars Episode 6 – Return of the Jedi year 4

Tales from Jabba’s Palace – Most of the stories run prior to & concurrent with Return of the Jedi

Tales from the Empire – Most of the stories run prior to and concurrent with Return of the Jedi. 

Tales from the New Republic – Stories run prior to & concurrent with the Return of the Jedi.

(Note:  In either Tales from Jabba's Palace or Tales from the Empire is a story about Mara Jade  disguised as a dancer in Jabba's Palace in her mission to assassinate Luke Skywalker can't remember which it is)

Bounty Hunter Wars Series:
            Mandalorian Armor  (starts with Bobba Fett being swallowed by the Sarlacc and his  escape)
            Slave Ship
            Hard Merchandise

Truce at Bakura – starts the day after Return of the Jedi ends.

Jedi Prince Series:
            Glove of Darth Vader
            Lost City of the Jedi
            Zorba the Hutts Revenge
            Mission from Mount Yoda
            Queen of the Empire
            Prophets of the Dark Side

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire: Evolution year 4

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire: Mara Jade: by the Emperor’s Hand

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor.- year 5

X-Wing Series:
            Rogue Squadron
            Wedge’s Gambit
            The Krytos Trap – year 7.5
            The Bacta War – year 7.5
            Wraith Squadron
            Iron Fist
            Solo Command

The Courtship of Princess Leia – year 8  (This sets off the events for Han & Leia to marry even though had almost eloped in year 4 (Jedi Prince series))

A Forest Apart*

Tatooine Ghost

The Thrawn Trilogy:
            Heir to the Empire (the 25th anniversary edition is cool as it has remarks written in the margins to explain some things and ties to the other novels)
            Dark Force Rising
            The Last Command

X-Wing – Isard’s Revenge
Star Wars Dark Empire I - year 10
Star Wars Dark Empire II
Boba Fett: Death Lies and Treachery
Star Wars Empire’s End - year 11
Star Wars Crimson Empire

The Jedi Academy Trilogy: year 11
            Jedi Search
            Dark Apprentice
            Champions of the Force
I, Jedi (The story of Corran Horn runs concurrent with the Jedi Academy Trilogy)

The Jedi Path
 Children of the Jedi
Star Wars: Jedi Academy: Leviathon
Planet of Twilight
X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar
The Crystal Star

The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy:
            Before the Storm
            Shield of Lies
            Tyrant’s Test

The New Rebellion – year 17

The Corellian Trilogy:  Year 18
            Ambush at Corellia
            Assault at Selonia
            Showdown at Centerpoint

The Hand of Thrawn Duology:
            Specter of the Past
            Vision of the Future

Star Wars Union – year 19 (This is the marriage of Luke & Mara Jade)

Star Wars – Junior Jedi Knights Series (Introduces Anakin Solo & Tahiri)
            The Golden Globe
            Lyric’s World
            Anakin’s Quest
            Vader’s Fortress
            Kenobi’s Blade

Survivor’s Quest

Star Wars Young Jedi Knights Series (Adventures of Jacen & Jaina Solo)
            Heirs of the Force
            Shadow Academy
            The Lost Ones
             Darkest Knight
             Jedi Under Siege
             Shards of Alderaan
             Diversity Alliance
            Delusions of Grandeur
            Jedi Bounty
            The Emperor's Plague
            Return to Ord Mantell
            Trouble on Cloud City
            Crisis at Crystal Reef

Boba Fett: A Practical Man

The New Jedi Order: Years 25-35 (The Vuuzhan Vong Wars)
            Vector Prime
            Dark Tide I: Onslaught
            Dark Tide II: Ruin
            Agents of Chaos I: Hero’s Trial
            Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse
            Balance Point
            Edge of Victory I: Conquest
            Edge of Victory II: Rebirth
            Star by Star
            Dark Journey
            Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream
            Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand
            Destiny’s Way
            Ylesia* (also included in The Joiner King)
            Force Heretic I: Remnant
            Force Heretic II: Refugee
            Force Heretic III: Reunion
            The Final Prophecy
            The Unifying Force

The Dark Nest Trilogy:  Year 35
            The Joiner King
            The Unseen Queen
            The Swarm War

Legacy of the Force series:
Millennium Falcon

Fate of the Jedi Series: year 43