Monday, October 17, 2011

Scrapbook Basics - Why & What

The why of Scrapbook is simple – preservation. Preserve photos, documents, etc that are important to you and yours. Photos left in boxes will stick to each other over time. Photos put in magnetic albums will glue to pages over time and yellow horribly. Same with documents. Not to mention that you will most likely forget the who, what, where and why the pictures were taken after several years. If you are like me, you have something you like to take pictures of – for me it is clouds and flowers. Now I don’t need someone going through my photos after I am gone trying to figure out why I have all the pictures of clouds or flowers. I can hear it now: “What was she thinking” “Why in the world do we have these?” With the scrapbook pages I can at least explain the method behind the “perceived” madness and so can you. Not to mention helping everyone remember who was at what event. Plus – once you get over the “need to be perfect”, this is actually a really fun activity for all ages.

Now that we know why to Scrapbook, what do we scrapbook? Anything and everything. Don’t limit yourself to pictures. Do you or your child have a lot of medals? Those can be scrapbooked. Have a lot of cute cards? Those can be scrapbooked. Not to mention all those firsts: “first haircut, first tooth, first pacifier, first comb, etc” In other words, if it can fit on a 12″ x 12″ piece of paper it can go on a scrapbook page.

Next – How to do it & What to get in the way of basic supplies.

Have fun! Enjoy the time you have because it is always less than we need.

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